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Fully responsive, Desktop & mobile ready events calendar utilising location technology to show what’s happening nearby

Customizable searches based on type of event, location, organiser + more

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What the Fomo

Fomo365 lists the happenings based on a users location in a user driven, searchable calendar (+more)!
All types of everything… events, fitness, sport or cultural activities, free school holiday activities, live music, DJ’s, bands, art exhibitions, festivals and more. Any type business, organisation or individual can promote anything to the world.

It’s FREE to join and FREE to list. Creating an accessible platform for everyone to use.

With full customizable searches based on the users current location or selected location, type, cost or their favorite anything.

Free to list, Free to join!

Why the Fomo

  • Increased your exposure
  • FREE to list
  • FREE to join
  • Been seen from anywhere at anytime
  • Easily re-posted on current social media

More attractive and more reach than website event calendars

Ever wanted to know what’s happening just up the road or at your destination on that weekend your away… simply search Fomo365

For all types of social butterflys

Who the FomoOrganiser

Any type business, organisation or individual can promote anything on Fomo365. Doesn’t matter what you do.
If your a community organisation, art gallery, university, bar, restaurant, music promoter, festival, group fitness or activity, government organisation, or any one who wants to promote an event, function or special event.

Simply join as a FomoOrganiser and start posting your events. With all the vital info your event is searchable and shareable and you can link to your favorite ticketing outlet.

Anyone can use Fomo365 they don’t need to join so you have maximum exposure. (no annoying, obscuring  join/login banners)

For all types of businesses, organisations and groups

Who the FomoMember

Anyone can search for events on Fomo365 or join and become a FomoMember to…

  • Keep up to date with events
  • Save events to your MyFomo calendar
  • Invite your friends to Fomo365 & events
  • Customize your searches
  • Create groups of friends to invite to happenings
  • Personal on-line calendar with appointments, birthdays and reminders

 A real ‘social’ media – easy to use calendar of events in one location.

Be first on Fomo

Why the Fomo

Have a FomoOrganiser page with a description of who and what, location map and all your details. Post as many happenings/events as you like

  • Create re-occurring happenings/events
  • Link to tickets (if required)
  • Keyword your event so it can be easily searched
  • Easily re-posted on current social media

Be first on Fomo – Join today and start creating fomo and become a FomoPioneer.

Social Media is declining as an effective communication tool for businesses and brands

Fomo nuts & bolts

  • Fully responsive for use on the go!
  • Web based platform
  • Designed for smart phones/tablets & desktop
  • App under development

Fomo365 – Post stuff to do!

We are ready to go with access


of Australians have a smart phone


of Australians access the internet

Current social media platforms don’t successfully promote events, happenings and experiences to everyone!

There is an opening for Fomo365 to become the GO TO platform!  Be a FomoPioneer and join fomo365 today!

Finding out about events on social media DECLINES!

32% in 2014

18% in 2017

The social media landscape is changing

Business followers decline

Social Media is losing it’s effectiveness as a communication tool. There has been an overall decline in ‘following’ business and brands on social media in the last few years

18-29 year olds who stopped following business & brands in
2107 from 2016



36% in 2016

Down to 24% in 2017 & 2018

Don’t rely on current social media channels as they lose effectiveness (Especially for 18-29 Y.O.s). Use Fomo365 to inform people of whats going on!

Statistics from Sensis Social Media Report 2017

You don't need a member to see what's going on!

Is fomo for us or our business?

Fomo365 is for everyone and can be viewed by everyone!

Whatever type of business, organisation or individual you are, fomo can let the world know what’s going on.

Visual is the key!

We now have 8.25sec attention spans

Fomo365 embraces images which are proven to be successful at increasing on-line engagement and message retention.

Who is a FomoOrganiser

Everyone and anyone… Restaurants • School holiday activities • Fitness activities • Free activities • Workshops • Community programs • Classes • Senior’s activities • Clubs • Fashion events • Launches • Promotions • Parties • Gigs • Live music • Dj sets • Festivals • Open mic’s • Cafes • Universities • Specials • Discount nights • Promotions • Local bands

SM Useage Demographics

Use social media sites at least once a day


Join Fomo365 and become a FomoOrganiser and start creating your own Fomo!

and become a FomoMember start using it yourself
(or don’t join and still use us!)